Leave the room


Leave the room

Leave your room empty and clean, and without any holes, screws or nails, when you are moving. If the new tenant reports within 5 working days that something has not been handed over in accordance with the delivery standards (appendix 2 rental conditions), the housing manager will decide whether repairs or cleaning work need to be carried out. The costs of repair or replacement will be charged to you.

Inspection room
All furnished rooms will be inspected by Idealis. The same applies to rooms without furniture in the following complexes:  Asserpark, Hoevestein, Dijkgraaf, Marijkeweg en Haarweg. The housing manager will inspect your room after you have turned in the key. Did your contract start after March 1, 2021? Then a preliminary check will also take place. The housing manager will contact you for an appointment.

Unfurnished room
When you leave your room, you can leave the curtains and the flooring if you think they are still in good condition. Be aware that this is at your own risk. If the next tenant does not want the curtains and/or flooring, these will be removed at your expense.

Furnished room
You should not paint the walls of a furnished room. If you have done this anyway, we will rectify it at your expense. Make sure that all furniture belonging to Idealis stays in the room when you leave.