Management of drinking water installations Idealis

Idealis strives for good safety at all levels within its complexes. Part of this is monitoring drinking water quality. For years, we have been checking the drinking water in all complexes for the presence of the Legionella bacteria. In addition, various control measures are taken and maintenance guidelines have been established for maintenance parties (Veolia) to prevent this bacterium.

Broadly speaking, it means that Idealis has to ensure that the tap water (drinking water and hot tap water) is of proper quality and that the installation and materials are designed in such a way that the quality of the tap water is not affected, or that precautionary measures are taken to limit the risks. These duty of care provisions are included in the Drinking Water Act and the Drinking Water Decree. Because the Idealis locations fall under the low-risk category, Idealis, as the legal owner of the mains water installation, is not legally obliged to periodically check the water quality, have a risk analysis carried out and a management plan drawn up. Idealis does, however, attach great importance to the aspect of safety and in our opinion, water quality must also be guaranteed concerning legionella.

Prevention by Idealis
Despite the fact that no direct legal obligations have been imposed on Idealis, the following preventive measures are taken within the framework of the duty of care on complexes with a collective installation:

  • Temperature monitoring of the hot water installation via the building management system;
  • Twice per year a microbiological examination of water samples is taken from different tapping points;
  • Recording results of microbiological research;
  • Registration of control measures in log.

Prevention by tenants
As a tenant, you can make a useful contribution to the prevention of legionella. Of course, you do this for your own safety, but also for the safety of your fellow tenants.

Do you have a washbasin in your room or do you have an self-contained room?

  • Are you moving into an Idealis room for the first time, or will you be coming back after a vacation or longer stay? Then flush the taps for a few minutes first. First put the shower head in a bowl or bucket of water to prevent the water bubbles from being inhaled.
  • Make sure you use all faucets or rinse them at least once a week for a few minutes at a time.
  • Make sure there is no calcium deposits on your shower head and clean it.


  • Make sure all taps are used. Do you have the impression that some are not used very often? If so, please let your housing manager know.
  • Make sure there is no calcium deposits on the shower head(s) and clean them.

General information

Can be found on the website www.rivm.nl.