Lovely when the weather allows you to open your windows and doors. But unfortunately the chance of burglary increases. What can you do to reduce the chance of this happening?

Always close your room and don't let any strangers in
It's easy to close the windows and doors when you leave your room, even if you're only away for a while. Keep the corridor doors closed and don't let any strangers in. Not even if someone visits an other tenant. Did you know that you are usually not insured if you had your window or door open? In addition, keep valuables out of sight or close your curtains.

Call the police if you see anything suspicious and report the theft
Notify the police immediately if you see anything suspicious (0900-8844 or emergency 112). Also inform your co-tenants and the caretaker.

Insure your belongings and record your belongings
Take out a contents insurance.  For more information about this, please visit the website of Idealis

Make sure that you can always give a good description of your goods or take a picture of them. In addition to this, you can also provide your valuables with a unique mark (e.g. postcode and house number).