You can take waste easily to one of the containers at or near your complex. Help the environment by separating your waste before disposal. The button at the bottom of this page shows you how to do this.

Residual waste
Residual waste is collected every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you have waste which needs to be collected, place it next to the entrance door (in the hallway) in a closed bag. Waste bags that have not been placed properly, for example in the gallery, will not be collected. A friendly request on behalf of the employees who collect the waste: do not put sharp objects such as glass or knives into the waste bags.

Paper and cardboard
Waste paper and cardboard is collected every Wednesday. Please make sure it is neatly packed together and that the cardboard (boxes) are shredded into small pieces. Loose paper will not be collected.

Plastic waste
For the disposal of plastic waste, orange garbage bags are available. These garbage bags can be collected at various pick-up points in the city: PMD - ACV Groep (acv-groep.nl)

Where are the waste containers?
In total, three garden waste containers are available: one at every waste disposal station. The bottle banks (to dispose glass) can be found just outside of the grounds, near the main entrance of the parking lot. You will also find the plastic disposal container here.

Where do I leave bulky household waste or electrical appliances?
Bulky waste (such as furniture and other large materials) and electrical appliances can be placed in the designated bulky waste collection spaces.

And what can I do with chemical waste?
Chemical waste can be disposed at the waste collection station of ACV. Their address is: Nudepark 77. The card which is needed to enter the waste collection station, is available at your housing manager.

Do not put waste beside the containers
The municipality regularly checks to see if there is waste outside the containers. If they are able to identify who left it there, that person will be fined.