You can take waste easily to one of the containers at or near your complex. Your home comes with a waste disposal pass. If you live in a flat or apartment with an underground container, the pass can be used for both the underground container and for the waste collection station. Is there is no waste disposal pass present in your home? Or have you lost is?  Then you can order a new pass via www.acv-groep.nl

Seperate disposal

Help the environment by separating your waste before disposal. The button at the bottom of this page shows you how to do this.

There is no container for glass waste on the site. You can dispose glass on the other side of the CHE.

General waste
The underground containers can be opened with the refuse pass. For the 30 litre opening you have to present your pass 1x and for the 60 litre opening you have to present the pass 2x. Take the size of the opening into account. If the bag is too big it may cause an error in the container. Should the container be malfunctioning and have an error message on the display stating “out of order”, then the malfunction will automatically be reported to the ACV. Make use of the other underground containers. Do not place your waste next to the container as this is grounds for a fine. 

Plastic (PMD)
Place your PMD waste (plastic wrapping, metal and drink cartons) on Wednesday evening after 20:00 and Thursday morning before 07:30 at the collection point on the grass near the paper containers in the transparent PMD collection bags. ACV collects this waste every Thursday. New bags can be picked up every Wednesday between the hours of 18 and 20 at Hoefweg 51.

Used paper and carboard
On the grounds of Hoefweg are two dumpsters designated for paper and assorted rubbish. Please flatten cardboard lest it take up more volume and remove all Styrofoam and plastic.

Bulky waste
Bulky waste is waste that can’t fit in the underground container. Think of mattresses, chairs and beds. You can arrange to have this stuff be picked up by ACV or bring it to the waste and recycling station yourself at Neonstraat 4 in Ede. Every refuse pass has 8 free trash points. These can be used to have household bulky waste be picked from your home. Four trash points can be exchanged for having 1 m3 (1 cubic metre) of waste collected. Keep in mind that the waste must be bundled and collected neatly for pick up. For more information, go to the website of ACV or call ACV at (0318) 648 160.

Electric and large appliances
Usually you’d have to pay a fee of € 25 to have these picked up. As a tenant of Hoefweg, a special arrangement has been made for you: you can deliver these goods for free at the drop off desk of the Restore thrift shop [Restore Kringloopwinkel] on the other side of the road. You can do this between the hours of 10 and 17.A great opportunity to finally hand in those old appliances! 

Do not put waste beside the containers
It is not allowed to leave bulky waste lying around on the ground! This is unfortunately a frequent occurrence, for instance after moving out. This is unnecessary, and indecent to your environment. Should it happen anyway, then the costs for disposal will be charged to the perpetrator. The same applies for dumping your waste near or next to the underground containers or dumpsters.